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R34 R34 GT-R

The R34 GT-R was introduced in January 199 s . more...
Porsche Cayman S

Porsche Cayman S

The Porsche Cayman S is amid-engined, rear wheel drive 2-seaty. more...

R32 MK5 R32

MK5 R32 features an updated 3.2-litre VR6 engine
350z Nissan 350z

The 350Z was first launched
in the US mid way though
2002, more...
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In 2005 the KINETIX performance brake rotor range was launched with the idea of creating a high quality brake rotor alternative for popular high performance cars. Created in the USA this unique range which started off for small order specialist performance suppliers and specialist installers is now being distributed in 4 countries. The range now boasts over 100 applications for specialist vehicles such as M3, R32, GT4, GTIR, CUPRA to name a few. Here at Kinetix our determination and strength is in creating sports rotors to give you the stopping edge and complete the "behind the wheel look" for your motor vehicle. Our manufacturing process uses top grade raw materials, high temperature zinc plating together with the latest laser CNC technology to create an iso9002 approved product. KINETIX believe in design and testing over looks and costs so every product has strict testing before its released on the market, this together with co-operation and real time feedback from enthusiast and specialists alike who we really depend on, Kinetix owe a huge amount of respect for our customers for those purchase our products as they are our true reputation.

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