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R34 GT-R Grooves

Draw cool air cross the pad surface keeping the rotors and pad cooler whilst also expelling water, dust and hot gases. A unique feature of the Kinetix rotors is that the slots extend completely to the outer edge of the rotor, which allows any dirt, dust gases, grit or debris from heavy breaking to exit the pad braking area, the slots continuously clean and refresh the pad surface. This ensures flat and parallel wear of the pads throughout their wear life and will allow the pads to have a maximized friction surface always available. The groove or slots also help deglaze the pads thus increasing braking response in cornering and repeated heavy braking.
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R34 GT-R Dimples

Dimples help to reduce brake mass and lower brake operating temperatures to break down surface gases when braking at high speed or repeatedly. Dimpled brake discs offer the same brake efficiency as cross-drilled but under high temperature have been race proven to offer more brake surface creating a cooler rotor. KINETIX brake rotors are dimpled using unique a directional dimple pattern that gradually de-glaze the brake pads .Kinetix sports rotors have more surface area than most dimpled and grooved discs on the market, what does this mean? well in recent studies and road test it has been proven that rotors with more plain surface are proven to help reduce heat as steel absorbs heat quicker than any other compound .The result is a maximized friction surface which is always available even at high temperatures leaving the rotor lightened and decreasing its rotational inertia. 

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R34 GT-R Heat/ Rust Coating

All Kinetix sports rotors are zinc anodised to prevent the discs from corrosion and rust in areas not swept by the brake pad. High brake performance is achieved once the zinc coating has been swept away from the brake pad area, which in some cases can take up to 50-100 miles. Some amount of noise is exhibited from Kinetix slotted rotors when they are first used this is normal and should not be a cause for concern. A gradual reduction of the noise takes place at around 500- 1,000 miles of normal use and the noise will be minimal. Kinetix sport discs will always make some noise and this is not cause for concern, it is not a safety issue and is not covered by warranty.

R34 GT-R Dimpled & Grooved with Heat Teatment

This combination results in more stopping power and less brake fade during repeated heavy braking when used with a suitable replacement brake pad. Kinetix brake rotors will continue perform and continue to look the part much longer than most other manufacturers.

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