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The Kinetix range of brake discs are engineered to precise tolerances from advanced alloys for improved resistance to high-temperatures.

Our Factory is based in America the plant is over In 25’000sq ft where manufacturing  tooling, forging, heavy-duty production-assembly, zinc coating-painting and Packaging design ,so "EVERYTHING IS UNDER ONE ROOF", Kinetix now exports their products to 6 countries - mainly to Europe, North-South America and Asia.

The superiority of our Product is not only limited with high-technology production lines or sourcing ,developing and planning our level of quality consciousness has earned us ISO TS 16949 standard in addition to our existing ISO 9001:2000 certificates in 2009, Meaning our company’s Production and Products Match OEM market standards.
Our firm maintains to be the most dynamic and difference making company of our sector with its continuing investments projects and product range. Taking customer satisfaction as our priority we are proud on sourcing quality raw materials for the latest production procedure to sales and Quality Assurance,.

At KINETIX we keep our activities for product Manufacture and designing to the most important people our specialist staff who have adapted a discreet approach to our rapid growth. Our organization’s philosophy in principal with over 25 years experience is to create a quality product which will fulfill our customer’s requirements and reliable delivery to ensure good and trustworthy relations with our customers.

Today, with more than 30 employees, KINETIX are committed to fulfill high requirements on growing competence, quality and reliable delivery to its customers.


Our warranty covers for replacement or similar product to the purchase value and excludes any labour or consequential charges such as fitting, inconvenience. The warranty period is 12 months or 10’000 miles whichever comes first. Warranty does not apply to race, drift, rally or track day driving. Although drivers may choose to compete or use our brakes in rally, drift or track days it is up to the customer decide whether they are used for any unwarranted purpose.

No warranty is offered for brake vibration (DTV) due to uneven rotor thickness wear occurring after incorrect installation/fitment of brake rotors. Your mechanic must be a trained professional who will make every effort to replace your discs correctly , it is imperative that the discs are mounted correctly and checking of disc run-out is very important this may be the difference in your discs lasting years instead of up to 3000 miles. Incorrectly installing and ignoring disc run-out will lead to discs warping in a very short time, after this the only solution to your problem will be using a brake lathe to cut the brake discs into the correct geometry. This condition of “warping “is man made and is not covered under warranty and so rather than go through this pain staking process we recommend you find a professional installer who is aware of all DTV issues and is correctly trained to replace the brakes on your car.
 DTV Cause No. 1: Failure to ensure that the mounting surface of the brake disc and hub are perfectly clean prior to disc fitment
DTV Cause No. 2: Improper bedding-in of new discs and pads.
DTV Cause No. 3: Fitting the wrong brake pad compound for your driving style.
DTV Cause No. 4: Severe overheating of your brake discs caused by misuse of the brake discs and vehicle


As mentioned earlier the development of DTV can be almost completely eradicated by following a few simple rules. Here they are:

Ensure that BOTH the mounting surface of the disc (normally the inside of the hat) and the vehicle’s hub are PERFECTLY CLEAN and free from rust scale or any other form of dirt. The disc can be cleaned using a cloth and suitable solvent. The hub should be cleaned using a soft wire brush or emery paper followed by wiping with a cloth and solvent until perfectly silver.

Insist that the fitter measures disc run-out with a dial gauge after fitting each new disc. This takes no longer than 5 minutes per side and is definitely worth the effort! If the run-out value exceeds 0.08mm the disc must be removed and the hub re-cleaned. If the problem persists then the hub should be measured for run-out using the dial gauge. A hub run-out in excess of 0.04mm is problematic.

Always bed-in new brake discs and pads according to manufacturer’s recommendations. This
allows for an even, uniform layer of friction material to be deposited on the disc surface, creates a proper wear pattern and avoids disc distortion..

Select the correct pad compound for your driving style. If necessary have two sets of pads. One for road use and one for club events and track days. Always bed-in your high-temperature pads for a week prior to a track day or club event. Drivers taking part in track-days must do a cool down lap prior to leaving the track .

Avoid running your discs at temperatures over 610°C. This can be achieved by allowing the discs sufficient time to cool between brake applications. Continuous, consecutive heavy braking in rapid succession destroys discs and pads. Ensure that the guide bolts and pins in your calipers are well lubricated, free of rust and moving freely.

Do not leave your foot on the brake pedal when you stop with extremely hot brake discs. Slow
down and allow the passing air to cool your brakes to a moderate temperature before parking the vehicle.

Acceptable DTV is ( 0.002” - 0.004” ) or ( 0.05 - 0.1mm )


It is normal that a very small amount of noise is exhibited from KINETIX slotted rotor when they are first applied. This noise will diminish at around the first 500 miles. By nature of the way this product works all wide track slotted discs no matter what the make will make a minimal noise and this is not a cause for concern it is not a safety issue and is not covered by warranty
Advantages of wider slots that extend to the outer disc rim is that the larger slots are better at drawing cool air. Tests prove wider slots that extend to the edge of the rotor are much better at removing dirt, dust, debris and water (all Kinetix discs carry the larger slotted pattern extending to the edge of the disc)

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